Fall Winter 2018

The Fall Winter collection follows the title of 'Orlando'.

Inspired by the Virginia Woolf novel Creative Director Johannes Boehl Cronau focuses on the women in his life who oscillate between different identities. 

The collection developed on the idea that his ideal woman collects garments especially important to to her character, each of which add to her different layers of identity.



As part of the public installation at the Palais De Tokyo, the look book was photographed by Marius Uhlig on the day of the show with the public invited to watch the series of photographs produced as an open performance. 


The Installation

Continuing the collaboration with the Palais De Tokyo, the Fall Winter 2018 collection debuted as part of an experimental installation that allowed the general public to be involved and observant of the set up of the show as well as the look book photography process documented by Marius Uhlig.